A Love Song // Soundtrack Part 2

This is part of a series where I hope to join two of my life long loves together: the music I listen to, and the Scriptures I read – in a series I’m calling Soundtrack. Why? Well, because each piece will explore the music that has often marked the various chapters in my life with the soundtrack of Scripture, the Psalms.
You can read Part 1 in the series HERE.


In 1956, a young man, who tried to make a career out of recording gospel music with Sam Phillips, was put on tour with a then 20 year old and very charismatic Elvis Presley.

He was only 23 himself and newly married, but following Elvis around on tour introduced him to a whole lot of girls who wanted to follow Elvis and anyone else who resembled a Rock and Roll star.

In an interview he later recounts the incredible temptation he faced every night – Continue reading