Why Being Big on Strategy Can Help Small Churches Feel Small (and Why That’s a Good Thing)


The last time I flew, I imagine my experience was like most Americans’—on a major carrier.  The plane was one of hundreds pulled up to the gate that day.  Before I ever took my seat there were countless people getting the plane ready for take-off—those working the ticket counter, those working the baggage, those prepping and inspecting the aircraft, and not one of these were responsible for flying the plane.

Many of the leaders I talk to who work with small churches not only lead the church—they do everything else as well.  They operate more like the pilot of a small prop plane, than the captain of an intercontinental jet.

I get that. I work at a small church too.  I only have so many hours in a week, but those working with larger churches are often able to focus their time in more specific areas, whereas those working with smaller congregations often have to multi-task in order to fill the voids left by financial or personnel resources.

Small church leaders are often expected to do things outside of their ability because these things are often assumed to be part of their role.  Continue reading

Succeeding as a Small Church // Pepperdine Audio


I’m so thankful to Pepperdine University Bible Lectures and Mike Cope for the invite to be a small part of this year’s lectures.  If you weren’t able to attend, then you missed out on an incredible gathering of diverse leaders, speakers, and writers unified around a common love for God and others and the place our small tribe can play in the ongoing movement of God’s kingdom.

I spoke to a small group of leaders while there who, like me, want to see good things happen in small church America.

Here is a link to my talk, When Small Churches Make a Big Difference, on iTunes.  You can click HERE to listen.

Succeeding as a Small Church // Pepperdine Notes


5 Principles for Succeeding as a Small Church

I’m a small church kid who works at a small church now.  I’ve worked at medium and large churches, but in this season of life, I’m loving my role at Corners Church, a small church just outside of Atlanta, GA.

I think God loves Small.  Not that he’s opposed to big, but I believe with all my heart that God loves to take that which is small in number and do something incredible.

Think Noah, part of the 8 used to repopulate the earth;  Think Israel, only 70 living in Egypt, became God’s chosen representatives to every other nation.  Think David, overlooked by Samuel, Israel’s greatest of all Kings.

God loves to do BIG things with those who are small in number. Continue reading