A Song for Our Enemies // Soundtrack Part 1

I love music.
I’ve played it in symphonic as well as rock bands. I’ve listened to it (currently on one of my SEVEN turntables). I’ve collected it from cassettes and CDs, to mp3s and now back to vinyl – I missed 8 tracks all together I suppose.  I’ve witnessed it both in the recording process and in numerous live shows.  I’ve been moved by it to run faster, cry harder, and laugh louder.
Perhaps I love music so much because
“Music often expresses what the soul cannot speak.”
So, over the next few weeks I hope to join two of my life long loves together: the music I listen to, and the Scriptures I read – in a series I’m calling Soundtrack, because each piece will explore the music that has often marked the various chapters in my life with the soundtrack of Scripture, the Psalms.
Below is part 1 of this installment – Enjoy!

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