Waiting on God // A Devotional for the Second Week of Advent, 2016


3 Things You Can Do While Waiting on God

Kids are so impatient!  Well, at least mine are.

Maybe yours have learned from an early age to sit quietly and wait with hands folded for a response from you – never interrupting conversations between you and another or pulling on your sleeve while you’re responding to a text.

Not only are they impatient, but they are also insistent I acknowledge every time they ask a question or tell me something.  Dad, she won’t leave me alone.  Dad, did you hear me?  Dad, did you hear me?  Dad. Dad. DAD! Continue reading

REPOST Advent: Week 1 // Sitting & Waiting


The bus driver called for the police. She did not move, but instead sat and waited. She did not invoke violence, neither in word nor in deed. Instead, she sat and she waited – sixty years ago on this very day.

Rosa Parks would not have to sit and wait for long, though; the police were on their way. When they arrived, they arrested her and took her to prison – not for sitting in the “white” section of the bus as some have mistakenly supposed – she was not a lawbreaker after all. No, the arrest was made because she refused to move back even further than required by law after the white’s only section of the bus became so full that white passengers were forced to stand. At this point, the bus driver came to the first row in the back section reserved for “colored” passengers and demanded that Parks, and three others, move back. The others moved. Rosa Parks sat and waited.  Continue reading