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5 Principles for Succeeding as a Small Church

I’m a small church kid who works at a small church now.  I’ve worked at medium and large churches, but in this season of life, I’m loving my role at Corners Church, a small church just outside of Atlanta, GA.

I think God loves Small.  Not that he’s opposed to big, but I believe with all my heart that God loves to take that which is small in number and do something incredible.

Think Noah, part of the 8 used to repopulate the earth;  Think Israel, only 70 living in Egypt, became God’s chosen representatives to every other nation.  Think David, overlooked by Samuel, Israel’s greatest of all Kings.

God loves to do BIG things with those who are small in number.

During my time at Corners I’ve come to believe there are a handful of principles that have helped us succeed as a small church.  This week I had a chance to share these principles with those attending Pepperdine’s Lectureships.

You can click below for a .pdf of my notes

Succeeding as a Small Church Pepperdine NOTES

If you attended, thanks so much for your interest in being a healthy small church!

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